Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm a returning customer, why do I need to register for a new account?

We've redesigned the online pharmacy to provide enhanced security and convenience. By registering for a new account and claiming your pharmacy records, you can utilize interactive website features such as: Ordering directly from your profile, tracking prescription status and history, and quickly retrieving insurance and tax reports.

Why am I asked for information from a prescription vial?

Information from the prescription vial connects to your prescription profile and allows access to the full set of profile management features. Contact our Customer Service team with additional questions or for assistance claiming your pharmacy records.

If I fill prescriptions at more than one location, which records should I claim?

Please contact our Customer Service team for help with any special circumstances or questions claiming records.

Why are some prescriptions missing from my profile or tax report?

Prescriptions filled at pharmacy locations other than your home store need to be combined with your profile. Contact our Customer Service team to have all of your prescription records combined with your profile.

How do I order new or transferred prescriptions for a family member, or as a caregiver?

The enhanced security of your online pharmacy account creates a "one person, one profile" relationship. To place orders for new or transferred prescriptions, each family member or patient must be registered for their own unique account. For caregiver or family situations, we suggest accounts be created and managed by the person who places orders.

How do I make changes to my registration information?

After signing in, click the Your Account link on the top right corner of any page. Update your preferences, then click Save.

How do I change my registered name?

Please contact the Pharmacy that fills your prescriptions and speak to any associate. Visit our Pharmacy Locator for contact information.

How can I print an Insurance/Tax report or review prescriptions for a child under 18?

To comply with child privacy regulations, our Pharmacy website requires account owners to be 18 years of age or older. For assistance with prescription data for patients under 18, please contact the Pharmacy that fills the child's prescriptions and speak to any associate. Visit our Pharmacy Locator for contact information.

I need help with other online pharmacy features or questions.
Click the Help icon icon for helpful tips and information about that feature. Otherwise, feel free to contact our Customer Service team.